Paying up

November 20, 2008

A couple of weeks ago my Kansas Jayhawks traveled to Lincoln to take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I was quiet excited for this game since we have not won in Lincoln since 1968. I had good expectations for the game after the past two seasons. Two years ago we came close, only to lose at the end. Last year was the storybook year for KU Football with an Orange Bowl title and a solid beating of Nebraska at home. Because of all of this I made a friendly wager with a friend, Eric Langhorst, who is a Nebraska man.

Well the short of it is that we lost. And to pay up for the wager I am posting a picture from the game and am linking to the Nebraska fight song as well.

Nebrasksa defeats Kansas

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Fight Song



iPod ban–follow up

July 1, 2007

Previously I posted on the knee jerk reaction by many school districts to ban iPods in schools. On my way home from NECC I was catching up on some of my podcast subscriptions and listened to Eric Langhorst‘s podcast on this topic. I agree completely with Eric’s view on the educational benefits of iPods. To further add to the conversation, my school began last year an iPod initiative at our school issuing an iPod to all our freshman. I have previously posted on the initial results of this program and for those interested I will be updating on this blog the results of this program as it continues during year two. After the information I received at NECC I expect year two, with both freshman and sophomores participating, to be even more successful.