Back in the game, again.

So I am coming to the slow and unfortunate realization that time is against me.  First, I do not recover physically as fast as I once did.  I recently completed my fourth marathon and not only thought about, but actually did ice my knees this time.  Additionally, I have not created the time to keep the three readers of my blog up to date with my recent ideas and implementations.  While this appears to be an abandoned blog, I assure you it is not.  While my posts are slowly becoming monthly, I pledge to work on it.  With the start of a new quarter and a new season, I am not behind, yet.

This past Sunday I recieved an invitation from my school’s tech director to join him in attending the Tech Forum in Austin.  I have been recieving the emails about this event and knowing the cast of presenters I jumped on the chance.  With Wes Fryer, David Jakes, and Miguel Guhlin how could I say no?  I have already posted my noted from the first session and will be posting my notes from Wesley Fryer’s keynote and the afternoon session later today.


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