iPod ban–follow up

Previously I posted on the knee jerk reaction by many school districts to ban iPods in schools. On my way home from NECC I was catching up on some of my podcast subscriptions and listened to Eric Langhorst‘s podcast on this topic. I agree completely with Eric’s view on the educational benefits of iPods. To further add to the conversation, my school began last year an iPod initiative at our school issuing an iPod to all our freshman. I have previously posted on the initial results of this program and for those interested I will be updating on this blog the results of this program as it continues during year two. After the information I received at NECC I expect year two, with both freshman and sophomores participating, to be even more successful.


One Response to iPod ban–follow up

  1. dlward says:

    Hi Kyle
    I have read this blog and those related with great interest; I am a teacher in a Catholic school in Wakefield, North East England and thought you may be interested to learn that all MP3 devices (including cell phone Sony Walkman type players) are banned from the majority of schools here. Our school does not allow any of the students to bring technology into the classroom – even though we are also proud of our “advanced” perspective on tech in teaching and learning. Ownership of iPods/other mp3 players is at the 85% stage; I think we may be missing a trick and have passed on your school’s project to our ICT startegic manager. Keep us updated! D Ward (dwarddotinfo.wordpress.com)

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