I Didn’t Know You Could do That with an iPod–notes

Below are my notes from Tony Vincent’s presentation. I have a recording that I will upload later. I will also load this to GoogleDocs. This will probably not happen until tomorrow as I try to get to a couple of more session today and I am flying back to Dallas tonight. Overall it was great. As those attending, especially those sitting on the floor or standing in the back against the wall.


UPDATE: Recording of the presentation. Also available at the Final Curve podcast.




I didn’t know you could do that with an iPod



Tony Vincent

Omaha, NE

Fifth grade and tech specialist


Blog Tag(s): necc, n07s611



Last year left school to do presentation and conferences full-time

Join retired teachers at Willowdale Elementary School


Things you may not know–beyond audio and video

  1. Audio tip
    1. Transfer all CD from music programs to iTunes
    2. Go into preference
      1. Choose advance tap and import
      2. Import CD and eject
        1. Sucks all music off CD and then ejects when done
  2. Podcasts
    1. Learning in Hand–Troy’s podcast
      1. Downloading videos
      2. Customizing the main menu
      3. iPod shuffle tips
      4. Hard disk mode
      5. iQuiz
      6. Notes
      7. The 5 Rs of Troubleshooting
      8. RSS Feeds
      9. Slide Shows
      10. Understanding DRM
      11. Voice Recorders
      12. Free Audio on the Web
    2. Raido WillowWeb
    3. Out City Podcasts
  3. Sync Address Book and Calendar
    1. Select iPod on left tab
    2. Under Contact you can sync Calendar and Contacts
    3. Click apply when done creating settings
    4. On iPod go to Extras, then Calendars
      1. Flag means event
      2. Scroll to and select with center button
    5. On iPod go to Extras, then Contacts
      1. Works the same
      2. Section for notes on Contact section
      3. Students can create glossary by replacing contact information with words and definitions
      4. Create historical contact for historical figures
  4. Photos
    1. Created States PowerPoint
      1. Converted to jpeg
      2. Create folder titled State flashcards
      3. May need to rename individual files to ensure leading zeros to keep in desired order
        1. Ex. 001 not simply 1
    2. Select photos tab
      1. Select all or State flashcards folder
      2. Sync photos
    3. On iPod select photos
      1. Go to State Flash Cards
    4. Can be teacher made or student created
    5. Can use any PowerPoint or flash card idea
      1. Need to remember text side
    6. A group created a tip calculator using images
      1. It looks as if it is calculating, but is actually a series of images
      2. Title slide stated to spin to begin
    7. ColorWheel
      1. Same idea
  5. Hard disk mode
    1. Flash drive or external hard drive
    2. Connect iPod
      1. Check enable disk use
      2. Works just as a normal flash drive
      3. Must now manually eject disk
        1. My computer–drive F or E
          1. Can create folders for storage organization
        2. Can eject via iTunes also
  6. Notes
    1. Create notes for viewing on iPod
      1. List of Prepositions
      2. Text document only
      3. Under Hard disk mode drag and drop to Notes folder
    2. Create a list of preposition, vocabulary words, ect
    3. 4000 character limit per file
    4. www.ipod-notes.com
      1. Will convert to a series of files
    5. www.iPodPress.com
      1. Cost money, but lots of documents for viewing
      2. US Constitution–free doc
      3. References, cliff notes, etc
    6. www.anchorfree.com
      1. Zips a file showing wifi locations in a give areas
      2. Free
      3. No maps all text
  7. RSS feeds
    1. Mac users
      1. iFeedPod–free
      2. does not run with iTunes, separate program
    2. PC users
      1. iPodSync–$17 cost
      2. Runs same as above, separate from iTunes
    3. Connect iPod
      1. Launch iFeedPod or IpodSync
      2. Does not use iTunes
    4. Syncs all RSS feed entered
    5. Eject iPod from computer
    6. Go to notes
      1. Loads new notes, could take some time to load
    7. Sorts by blog feed
  8. Quizzes
    1. Video iPods only
    2. Under games on iTunes–$0.99
      1. Pay for quiz, can sync on multiple iPod if synced on same computer that you downloaded
    3. iQuiz maker–create your own quizzes
      1. Will drain batter
      2. Create quiz with multiple choice answers
        1. Can design to display correct answer if answered incorrectly
        2. Can play multiple times
          1. Keeps track of how you do each time
          2. Displays latest, record, or average
      3. www.iquizmaker.com
        1. Mac or PC
        2. Multiple choice, true false
      4. www.iquizshare.com
        1. Share the quizzes your create
      5. Kaplan has released similar program
        1. $4.99 each program
  9. Interactive Content
    1. Choose your own adventure type game
    2. iWriter–$30 for Mac of PC
      1. www.talkingpanda.com
    3. www.Mogopop.com
      1. Another alternative
  10. Much more available his podcast and website

4 Responses to I Didn’t Know You Could do That with an iPod–notes

  1. Freda says:

    I really wanted to go to this session, but it was not only standing room only… I couldn’t even get in the door. I will be looking forward to your recording.

  2. kstevens77 says:


    Thanks for the comment. The recording is now available at the beginning of my notes and also on my podcast also titled Final Curve. You can search for it on iTunes. Are you planning on using iPods in the classroom this year? If so, I would love to hear your ideas. Check back through out the summer and during the school year as I will be posting on the results of our incorporation of the iPod as an educational tool.

  3. Tony Vincent says:

    Thanks for taking such great notes during my presentation! It was crowded, but that seemed to make the excitement level even higher.

    Just one minor correction. My first name is Tony, not Troy. 🙂

  4. kstevens77 says:


    Thanks for such a great presentation. It was great to see such a positive response since our school is tackling this device as an educational tool. Regarding the error, I got nothing. My bad.


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