New Tools, New Schools: Starting the …

New Tools, New Schools: Starting the Conversation about Web 2.0




Gwen Solomon, with Timothy Magner, Will Richardson, Lynne Schrum and David Warlick


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  • Blogs motivate kid, real work changes classroom
  • Kids need to become learning environment
  • Challenges, yeah buts,
    • Lack of tech, admin understanding, time
    • Even though a lot of teacher who use these tools, pedagogy has not changes
      • Transfer from paper to cpu
    • Skills require deep understanding by teachers and admin in their own practice
    • Halfway down the road
      • Understand tools
      • Need to understand pedagogy



  • Staff development–topic
  • The kids are different, teachers are not
  • It is about respecting the audience
    • On-line handouts via wikis
    • Share password, respect audience to add to content
    • Tag presentation to draw in audience
  • Aggregator for del.ic.ious
    • NECC is emergence of learning, cannot turn around without learning
  • No one tool, always something new to facilitate learning


Schrum–higher ed representative

  • Technology is fun, but does it improve student learning
    • Not a lot of evidence on the bottom line, which is unfortunately test scores
    • How do we document this success
    • Everyone has stories, need documentation
    • How do we get the story out
  • Pre-Service piece
    • Need models
    • Research does show that educators will do anything to help students learn if they believe a task works
  • How do we do this?
    • Good models specific to content
      • Math, social studies, etc
      • Tools and teaching in each subject is different
      • Key is collaboration
      • Researchers willing and desire to work with teachers who use this new technology


Gwen Solomon

  • Need for models
  • Wonderful new tools, give new capabilities to teachers and kids that provide new experiences
  • One thing if principals and administrators tell teachers something works
  • Different if teachers tell each other, via stories



Timothy Magner

  • Everyone today went through industrial education for industrial society
  • None of us has idea who information school looks like
  • No common entry point
    • People know what school is like (football, prep assemblies, etc)
    • People know what Web 2.0 is
    • What is school 2.0?
  • School 2.0
    • Links home, school, community
    • Potential to fundamentally alter school
    • Cannot embrace everything or will lose mission, must embrace some to change dynamic of structure
    • What are students going to do in 6 hrs that will meet their needs?
      • Empowering education system not buying cool toys no one can use
    • Global community discussion
      • Teachers, administrators, parents–all must be involved
    • Visual world, need to create a common visual of this idea
      • Sketch is just that, must allow for something to be erased, added, collaboratively creative





  • Send your stories, experiences to:
  • David Jakes
    • Five guys on skype chatting about the panel while it is going on
    • Using it as idea to bounce ideas off each other
    • Using web 2.0 as professional development
  • Richardson
    • Must use the tools to understand networking
      • Myspace for better of worse is networking
    • How to engage ethically, safely is question
    • Teachers must be comfortable in personal, professional way
      • New tools transfer the power of learning
      • Teachers must engage in the technology so they can express the power of transfer to students
  • Magner
    • Technology allows for a lot of informal learning
      • Using Google to answer a question at lunch
    • Artificial discussions b/w home learning, after school learning, in-class learning
  • Schrum
    • Until people are comfortable in using these technologies they will not using them



  • Garrett (Gary) Brown–Sydney
    • Want to embrace web 2.0, noting will be blocked
    • Leadership team is required to blog as professional development
    • Building schools with open plans and learning teams
    • Seen bad uses of web 2.0 just for the sake of using web 2.0
    • Invite anyone who wants to join
      • Catholic school
    • School director taken some flack for opening all site
      • Principals discuss openly what myspace accounts and videos on youtube he or she has seen with students
      • Deters students from improper use of such tools
  • College student from Washington
    • Wants social network that will allow students to work and study together
    • Implementing
    • Plagiarism is an issue
    • Looking for teacher input
  • Skip Olson, Minneapolis–retired guy
    • Sees schools as spirit killers
    • Unless we change the business of school as learning environments…
      • 9-3, aug-may
    • these wonderful tools and opportunities will be shut down at school door
  • John Henderson, 32 years old
    • Did not know a world where VCR was difficult
    • Right now parents and students are becoming the same way
    • Do not know if we can be patient enough to wait for schools to change
  • Parent, created website for his kid’s school
    • Website was form of communication
      • Dates, handouts, volunteer opportunities
    • Parents now pushing teachers to keep up
  • Parent/Rutgers University instructor
    • Key is pre-service teachers
    • Have no idea of Web 2.0 apps
      • Google docs
    • By spring they are comfortable and have their own stories
  • Scott Garagan, Pennsylvania
    • Job is professional development
    • Face time is an issue
    • Library sites are great
      • Maryland create system to teach web 2.0 applications
      • Step by step, check the box system
      • Twenty-three tasks to complete
      • Library 2.0–google to locate
  • Question for panel members
    • Potential entrepreneur educators, is this something on the horizon that will challenge the current design
    • Lynne Schrum
      • No, system of education is so engrained that it does not allow challenges
      • Some charter school, but not much difference
    • Tim Magner
      • A lot of new models in charters, home school, etc
      • Challenge is how to make alternatives within the system
      • It is like diet and exercise
        • Must have incentive to make change (i.e. new swimsuit)
      • 2/3 People without kids in system, they do not see the need for change to system
    • Gwen Solomon
      • Web 2.0 tools will force systemic change
      • Again hitting the need for models
  • Edutopia has several video examples on-line
    • Ex. acme animation hooks up students with professional animators
  • Teacher from N. Carolina
    • Used United Streaming to demonstrate glass blowing
    • Kids where reading story, character was glass blower, they had no concept of the glass blowing industry
  • David Jakes



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