Reflections on the school year

As the school year reaches a close, a look back on several items and set goals for the next year.  Invoking a method previously reserved in athletic competitions, I am posting my goals so that the two people who subscribe to this feed can help keep me accountable for the goals below.  Anyone stumbling upon this feed can feel free to do the same.

1)  Consistency in blogging ideas:

Looking back over my previous posts I notice that the frequency of my posts is not a regular as I designed.  I can think of several reasons for this, but that is of no importance.  Bottom line is that I have expanded my teaching practices by reading the ideas of others.  I feel that my ideas and how I use the ideas borrowed, as if ideas are something I can return, are helpful to others.  Over the course of the next several weeks I will be redesigning the courses I will be teaching again next year.  By organizing these projects over the summer I feel that I will be able to blog about these plans as they come up during the school year and provide a reflection following completion.  I have gained great feedback from some of my fellow teacher on my campus and look forward to the thoughts of teachers across the globe.

2) iPods

This past year we began issuing iPods to students in an attempt to capitalize on this growing technology.  We based our plan following the movements of major universities.  Currently we are sorting through feedback from students, teachers and parents.  Personally, I feel the program was a success in its first year and look forward to sharing the results of our first year and plans for the future.

3) Advocating current technology

In the past two years I have been experimenting with various emerging technologies: blogs, wikis, podcasting, digital storytelling.  While many new technologies continue to arise, I feel that these existing tools are a great resource in education.  I will look to promote my use of these TOOLS in education.  I can see the current benefits in my students.  I see more teachers in my school using these as the talk of the benefits fill the hallways.  I plan to submit proposals to teach workshops over the course of the next school year.

4) Publish the articles I am sitting on.

While I have not been active publishing post, I have written several.  While my aim has been to review these posts and let the ideas settle, I have continued driving forward without posting these thoughts.  Over the course of the next few weeks I will be posting some of these previously transcribed words.  While the timing is off from my initial motivation, the content is still relative.  I look forward to your comments on these and future writings.

Enjoy your day,



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