Book-it a bad program?

I realize that the focus of my education blog is on technology, but I feel I must comment on what I feel is the most ridiculous comment of the year. While taking a break during grading this evening I read an article on CNN that states the Book-it reading program sponsored by Pizza Hut is a bad idea. Initially I was beside myself about the fact the program was still in operation. I have great memories of the Book-it program. I recall the poster in my fourth grade class keeping tally of each student. I recall our monthly book orders and being eager to order new books. I recall a monthly dinner were my entire family was able to set aside an hour in a usually busy day to go out to eat. I fail to see how this program is bad. I do not buy blaming child obesity on Pizza Hut. I could list dozens of thing I witness weekly that contribute more to obesity than pizza once a month. The position of corporate sponsorship of education is just plain stupid. It makes me cringe to use such an inadequate word such as stupid, but then again the comment is equally inadequate. Never-mind the need for private donation to assist schools in reaching goals. What about the Coke cups used by concession stands at high school sporting events? What about the drink machines? What about the Nike and Adidas logos on uniforms? Advertising is a part of our economic system. It would be nice if people with too much time on thier hands would find a productive means for contributing to society.

Technology connection: Read Mark Ahlness‘s posting on SSR in school 2.0.


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