GeoTech Keynote–David Rumsey

This weekend our school held the 18th annual GeoTech Conference. This year’s session proved to be the most interesting of the three I have attended. David Rumsey, President of Cartography Associates, presented the keynote. As I found out during the dinner the night prior to his keynote, Mr. Rumsey is more than just a collector of maps. He is someone who is on the forefront of technology. Through Luna Imaging, Mr. Rumsey is able to share his extensive collection of maps with everyone. Even better, it is free. Mr. Rumsey received offers from prestigious institutions such as Stanford and Yale to house his collection, but after understanding that few people would have access to his collection he declined. While currently only ten percent (a number just under 15,000) of Mr. Rumsey’s collection is available on-line, it is the software that is most impressive. Those familiar with Arc View or the klm files for Google Earth will appreciate Mr. Rumsey’s hand in pushing those applications to new limits. Those who are new to these features, enjoy the tour of Lewis and Clark’s expedition. For me the biggest treat came during the Friday night dinner. During his brief talk Mr. Rumsey outlined the process of scanning such historic maps. He mentioned his goals for the future, including a collaborative project with Flickr. Seriously? This guy is one of the top men in creating digital images of historic maps and he wants to work with Flickr to see that more people can find a use for his collect. I think that is pretty cool. Enjoy the audio of the keynote. I am working on mashing the audio with his presentation and hoping to make that available soon. Thanks to Mr. Rumsey for the book and a great presentation. To listen to the presentation go to iTunes and search for Final Curve.

Enjoy your day,


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