Mark Ahlness has written a great posting on Classblogmeister, the blogging website designed specifically for classroom use. I have used Blogmeister in my sophomore English and sophomore History classes through out the past six months. Personally I found Blogmeister as great way to engage my students while focusing on the writing process. It allowed them an opportunity to not only focus on writing, but also allowed them the opportunity to view the writings of fellow classmates. It also provided them a venue to a larger audience, the world, as supported by the Clustrmap displayed on our website.

While the website did have some technical issues, the listserve is a great way for quick responses from teachers using the program. Often tech support comes in the form of a computer specialist; however the listserve is support from fellow teachers. It is also a great way to share ideas. David Warlick has worked hard to make corrections to the program; most of which were the result of a feverish increase in popularity. He continues to improve the service while still not charging its users.

Feel free to check out my previous posting on classroom blogging for other ideas.


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