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This is the first posting for the Final Curve.  I am designing this site as a way to share with teachers and other educators my ideas and experiences with various technology.  In future posting I will describe the activities I conducted in my classroom using blogs, wiki, podcasts and a variety of other emerging technologies.  I will also describe my choice of title; for now I will say that I took the title from a Langston Hughes poem.


The first thing I will say about this second generation of the web is that there is a lot of information.  In a search this morning using Technorati I found the listing of 2601 blogs about education.  With all of the great educational blogs alone, how does one keep up with all of the new information?  The simple answer is that you cannot.  However; you can create a single page to retrieve most of the information you read daily.  Introducing RSS.


RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a web feed that allows anyone to subscribe to specific pages.  It is similar to the e-mails that fill the inboxes of many people everyday.  The main difference is that the articles and stories sit on a webpage rather than fill up my inbox.  To begin, you need an aggregator to sort the RSS feeds.  Two of the more popular aggregators are Netvibes, to which I personally subscribe, and Bloglines.  Once you have created an aggregator account simple locate the RSS or XML icon on your favorite blogs and other news sources.  The icons look like the orange tabs below:
 RSS         XML


Copy the short cut and add the feed to you account.  Soon you will be logging in an staring at 400 new articles waiting for your eyes.  

Enjoy your start into web 2.0.  Be careful, it is more addicting that the previous  generation of the web.


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